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Android has already surpassed iOS in the mobile advertising market, thanks to the various ad networks that support the monetization of android apps. The ad formats and strategies provided by these ad networks have enabled developers to stay ahead of competition and keep up with the evolving app market. But there are just too many ad networks to choose from. Each ad network has something unique about it and is suitable for a particular target. Hence, here we present you with some of the most popular ad networks that will help your revenues flowing.


AdMob is probably the most known ad network as of today. A part of Google, this network has become the Adsense to mobile apps. AdMob has an intuitive and easy to use interface. The SDK is simple and easy to use and lets you run your campaigns across multiple mobile platforms also. It supports various ad types such as Banner, smart banner, interstitial, search and table.


TapJoy brings you joy by rewarding you with virtual currency that is earned by performing physical actions. It specializes in a type of in-game purchasing model where the user is provided with in-game virtual currency for every advertised app download. It is quite popular as around 20,000 games have chosen this network and about 77 million users are actively using it. It supports ad types like banner, interstitial, video and offer wall.



Flurry has a solid foundation of research data that they have very carefully collected from more than 700 million smart devices. Hence they offer great analytics. It is easy to integrate and offers features like Pay Per click (PPC) and Cost per Impression (CPM). Flurry aims to create as much ad revenue as possible, which is good news for anyone wanting to monetize their apps. It supports interstitial, video and takeover ad types.

Millenial media

Millenial media features several functionalities that let you run successful ad campaigns in the Android market. All the functions can be accessed easily using the Millenial media dashboard feature. Some of its exciting features include traffic allocation across networks by various parameters such as percentage, ad revenue based in eCPM and showing ads from other ad networks. It offers great deals to the developers and is known for its intelligence and research data. It is preferred for both advertising and publishing. It is a flexible network that supports the ad types such as banner, Interstitial, interactive videos and Rich media.


Chartboost is a favorite ad network chosen by many game developers and it certainly deserves such a fandom. Chartboost has amazing built-in analytics and integration of gaming ads and delivers functionality in a professional style. It is very easy to deploy and requires only 5 lines of code to get started. It helps in promoting the downloading of new games and targets enthusiastic gamers. The specialization of chartboost gives excellent results for game developers.


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