Note: The┬áreview being talked here is not the Play store reviews of the App but a review of the App itself, so don’t get confused.

With over a billion users and rising, Android is the most popular mobile operating system in the world. Nowadays, as more and more people are using Android, app review websites are becoming essential for both developers and consumers. Developers want to make their app more popular so they can get more exposure whereas, the consumers also want to take a look at the reviews and ratings for a certain app before downloading it on their device. Therefore, app review websites play a very big role in the mobile app market for the promotion of apps.

These websites don’t just review the apps based on their features and usability, but also compare these apps to other apps on the store and rate them after analyzing every feature. Hence, these websites help people in deciding whether an app suits their needs. There are many websites that review Android apps and games. Here are top 5 of them.

1. AndroidTapp
2This is a popular website that focuses on Android apps. The site features latest app and game reviews for both Android phones and tablets and they also review the best apps and games of the whole month. There are various app categories that help the user to find exactly what he/she is looking for. Brand new apps are often reviewed and every review contains a link for the app, so that the user can go straight to Google Play and download the app.
With categories like TRENDING and BESTOFBEST, it becomes easier for the users to discover new and trending apps. AndroidTapp also allows developers to submit their apps for reviews by experts. This might help in making their app more popular and increasing the number of downloads on Google Play.

2. AppsZoom
3AppsZoom is yet another site that rates and reviews apps and helps users to discover new apps and games. The interface is clean and the reviews contain screenshots and videos. Another useful feature of this site is that the reviews also contains pros and cons. Users can download, rate and post comments about the apps and they can also find other similar apps.
This site is useful for developers too, as they can register and can get their app reviewed by experts. Developers can further promote and monetize their app using various methods of this site and they can also get their app video reviewed which might increase their app’s popularity in Google Play.

3. Android Authority
4Android Authority is a website that specializes in Android app and game reviews, latest Android news and everything related to Android. This site frequently posts detailed reviews about Android apps and games. The user interface is nice and the reviews contain all the details one needs to know before installing an app. The review includes app’s strength and weakness, screenshots, video that highlights the app’s main features. The site regularly reviews updated apps and compares the app to its older version. Users can also have discussions by posting comments.

4. PC Mag
PC Mag is a website that covers everything related to technology. This website also provides unbiased and professional reviews for Android apps on a regular basis. The reviews contain app’s pros and cons, price, screenshot and also feature a Bottom Line that helps users in finalizing their decision. The apps are tested by experts and then they are rated and reviewed based on their overall performance. Users can search apps based on their price or rating and can also post comments and have a discussion about the app.

5. Android Apps Review
This website provides app and game reviews for Android. The site also contains video reviews and screenshots. The review covers each aspect of the app such as features, functionality, value etc. At the end of the review, the app is rated out of 5 stars. Developers can also submit their app for a review.


To sum up, there are several websites available that review Android apps and games and all of these sites are different from each other in some way. These websites are extremely beneficial for both developers and users, especially if they are new to Android and since Android is gaining a wider audience every day, the number of these sites is only going to go up.

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