How do you make sure users find your Apps in play store when there are millions of them floating around? You think of an App idea and probability is that you are going to find it and a couple of them actually. So how do you make your mark? Even if your App is really good, you still need App store optimization to get reward for your hard work.

People say, first impression is the last impression. So how do you make that first impression impressive and how do you even get that opportunity. Putting some bells and whistles on top of your App can go a long way in popularizing your App and getting attention of the user when he lands on your App’s play store page and converting this lead into a potential customer. Lets see how!

icons1. Your App’s icon – The first thing a user is going to see is your App’s icon. And this icon is going to be the starting point for your App if the user installs your App. So we gotta get it right. An icon with your target audience in mind, right colors and right design goes a long way. For example: A kids game with a cute bright icon that reflects joy and cheerfulness will definitely have a more impact on the parents than a dull, haphazardly created icon just because you got lazy the last moment. Shown in the picture are a couple of App icons that I think are amazing.

2. Screenshots- Everyone knows the importance of screenshots. I personally judge an App’s values by its screenshot to a good extent. A smart developer will always make sure that his hard work should be reflected in the App’s screenshots and spends a good amount of time creating them. If you are one of those lazy developers who are pro at coding but not at designing, don’t worry, get this tedious work done for some cash. Fiverr is an awesome place to get your screenshots created for $5, then there is Odesk. Generally, 5+ screenshots are considered a norm and you must separately create them for all device types your App is going to support (mobile phones, tablets). And please don’t compromise on resolution – users really jump back after seeing pixels obfuscating in your screenshots.

3. Description - Description should be apt, succinct and truthful (yeah that’s the word). Users may spend a few seconds going over it and they will expect those few seconds of their precious time to be useful. If you can summarize your App in a couple of lines, you got it right. All the top Apps i have seen always have a clear, short description with 3-4 keywords that developers want to do SEO on. These keywords are what will draw traffic to your App from the search page and search engines and so you definitely want to research quite a bit about them. A good way to research these keywords are: Google keyword tool, Adwords keyword tool and straply.com. Researching up to 5 keywords related to your App and using them in your description will help users find your App quickly. Also, many users give reviews on your Apps based on content in your description – so now you know its importance. I have seen descriptions that don’t match what the App does with all the typos and grammatical errors. And I have seen exaggerated descriptions that promise you more than what the App actually offer. Please don’t do that. User is going to know the truth in like 1 minute and blast back with a negative rating. If you are not a native English speaker, please take help of one who is and get your description right.

4. Ratings and reviews – Any developer would say this is the most important part of an App’s success. And no surprises here, it is. Ratings and reviews are used by Google to rank your App in its search results – so they are very important. In fact, Apps are actually judged by the ratings and reviews they get. Users can be your best friend and can give you the best rating in the world if they like your App but a couple of negative ratings can shutdown your business. So depending on how good your App is (features, functionality, usefulness, quality, no annoying ads, no crashes, seamless UI), you are going to get ratings and reviews accordingly. So how do you make sure you get positive ratings and reviews form your users? Well, put the hard work on your App that it requires and take users complaints seriously. If a user posts a negative review, politely reply to him saying thank you and that you will work on improving your App to making users more satisfied – goes a long way.  In all your Apps, give user a chance to rate your App by landing him on to your Play store page once in a while (with the checkbox to never show that dialog again). For new Apps, get all your mom (her friends), dad (his friends), sister and brothers (their friends), your friends (their friends), relatives (their relatives), neighbors (their neighbors) and pets(they don’t have pets) do a positive rating and review for you App after you launch – why not?

5. Contact developer – This is an opportunity for you to route your user to the most awesome website in the world – Your website. Please have a personal webpage (can get them for free today) with all your Apps systematically listed there so that users can appreciate your work. Have them sign up for a newsletter when they land on your page for future marketing purpose. Have Social sharing buttons ready there so that your potential lead can share your work with others and get you new leads. Also, the email you show to your customers should be regularly checked by you.


And yeah, then there is Content rating, Privacy policy and Terms of service that you can include – legal stuff. Please don’t get it wrong or it will lead to suspension of your dear App. Good luck doing store optimization!

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