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Fact:  Android phone operating system currently ranks number one in terms of smartphone operating systems.

Android smartphones cover more than half the smartphones numbers all over the world. The Android market, therefore has quite a huge number of opportunities when it comes to app development. As a developer, I would call building apps for Android smartphones a safe bet to make profits. In fact, day after day Android app entrepreneurs are making it in the app market and making millions of dollars in selling their Android apps.

This article will come as a relief and it will prove quite useful to many Android app developers. I will share various ways that can be used to create a buzz on an app you have developed and give it quite a boost in the market largely for free and make thousands out of it. It is a fact that most developers are techies and not marketers, and it is for this sole reason that this article will prove helpful to many Android app developers. Let’s get down to business:

  1. Heavy Online PresenceGenerating a heavy online presence for an app is one of the best if not the best way for any developer to use in promoting his/her app. Having a heavy online presence will help a developer overcome the distance barriers and they can reach out to a wide range of potential app users all across the globe. Here are a number of ways through which you can achieve heavy online presence:
    • Build a website for the Android app A month or two before you launch your app, create a teaser website for the app and use it to collect email addresses of the people who would like to know when the app launches. After the launch create a small website, a page or two big that showcases your Android app to the web audience.
    • Start a blog for the Android app Create a blog for your app and write interesting content about the app. Attach the blog to the app’s site drawing people to the website.
    • YouTube marketing Create a video that clearly speaks out on your app and its purpose. Make the video as interactive, humorous, thought provoking, entertaining and informative as possible so that your audience can easily relate to it. Open an official YouTube channel for your app and publish the video on it. You can create such videos as many times as you can with different themes and content every time. Remember to embed the videos within the content you produce in the future.
    • Use social media Create accounts for your app in all the major social media platforms. Speak of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+, have an account for the app in each these social media platforms. Use these accounts to share content and promote your app several times a week.
  1. Advertising. Advertisement networks including Google Adwords and Facebook Ads can help you as a developer build a successful global business. These power houses offers an excellent platform to take your Apps to thousands of users. You can target your Ads based on location, language among other options. Facebook even has a dedicated advertisement plan for getting more installations on your App.
  1. Submit in multiple storesDo not just rely on Google Play and App Store as the only platform your customers can access and download your app. Some other app stores that you can consider uploading your app in to reach even more customers. Below are a few I would recommend.
    • Getjar
    • SlideMe
    • Opera Mobile Store
    • AppsLib
    • Amazon Appstore
    • AppBrain

Research has it that an Android app uploaded in other relatively less popular stores increases its expected downloads 200% more compared to Google Play.

  1. Apply for awardsParticipating in app awards can give you lots of press, exposure, reviews and in the long run plenty of downloads. If you can manage to get things right and draw yourself a win an award, you definitely have started a journey to guaranteed app success. Below is a list of known app award site you should consider applying:
    • Appy Awards
    • Best App Ever Awards
    • AppCircus competition
    • Best Mobile App Awards
  1. Focus on EmailsAlways be gathering potential customers’ email addresses using the social media accounts and the app’s site. Emails have their marketing charms when used under the right circumstances, and email addresses of people who have opted in is always a powerful marketing tool.

Those are just a few ways that will set you up for a successful Android app promotion. Good luck!


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