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In the past (where past represents period of 10 years behind), iOS development in Montenegro was considered as a, we can easily say „mystery“, or in other words, something that local developers were avoiding in general. This situation was consequence of various reasons, so called obstacles, which prevented developers to follow this way. Just some of those obstacles (big percentage of those reasons are still present in Montenegro) are:

  1. To develop for iOS is very expensive for Montenegro standard

Taking into consideration average salary of Montenegro (which is around 500,00 €) it is obvious that iOS development from this point of view is long shot. Everyone, who is about to start programming iOS apps, must have:

  • Cheepest desktop in Montenegro costs 1,249.00 ; or notebook – MacBook Air 11′ is cheepest one, which costs 999.00 €
  • An iOS device – iPhone – cheepest iPhone in Montenegro costs 350,00 € (iPhone 5S)
  • Apple developer account which costs 99 €/year

If we put this on paper, we easily reach an amount of 1,698.00 € (this is smallest amount where for developing machine we picked MacBook Air), which is, comparing to the average salary huge amount.

  1. There is no independent market on App Store for Montenegro

This to say second reason for not going after iOS development. Only market in neighbourhood for iOS is in Croatia, and then, apps which are developed for purposes of Montenegro are tough to find in Croatian market (all apps developed in Montenegro for the purposes of Montenegro are published on Croatian market). Just as an example, one application that is new these days is app for easy payment of parking tickets in Montenegro. It can be seen by clicking link bellow:

  1. There are no many iPhones in Montenegro – will I be able to make some money of iOS development?

This is indubitably true, especially in the past. These days there are more and more iPhone users, so situation for developers is getting better. But yet again, once you have complete product, finished app, published on the store, it is very tough to reach to these iPhone users in Montenegro. Even you manage to reach to them, you will get positive response from only one part of users (various reasons – I don’t like the app, I don’t need the app etc.), which additionally shortens from the beginning small number of users. This was the way of thinking of developers in the past here, but luckily, situation changes.

But, in the end, if you really want to do something, then I guess you find a way to do it, no matter what. I love iOS, I love iPhone and I love making applications for iPhone. And I live in Montenegro also. So what I did and how I started?

Firstly, I didn’t have money for Mac, so I installed a copy of Mac OS X on a Windows virtual machine. Not so performant, but enough for start, for getting to know with Xcode, Swift and other tools. I didn’t have iPhone also, but I had simulator in Xcode and that suited for me than. So I could start learning and making something which is real. Step by step, I managed to develop my fist application – iXO. That is a game, familiar in the word as Tic Tac Toe. It is on store. I started to collect money for Mac Book. I really wanted it, and I managed to purchase it. Mac Book Air 13’. My first ever Mac. Things started to develop in good way for me very fast from that time. I made couple more applications, met some guys who are also developing for iOS, published all apps that I had finished. And I must say that I am just starting J

All story about my case is just to show the way how it is possible to develop for iOS in Montenegro, even issues mentioned above are still present. A good sign in this story is that number of iOS devices in Montenegro increases every day, and also number of developers. As a country where iOS development is let say “new thing” it is clear that country itself gives plenty opportunities for developers to use their ideas and make something useful to society.


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