Mobile Game Apps, and Jazz, with coffee or Tea. How does that sound?

artTodays technology has advanced in many different ways, it’s interesting to see many android and apple iPhone users enjoy playing a mobile application game during break time at work, hanging out having chill time with friends, or just relaxing at home with family. Other than enjoying a game of chess on my mobile device, I also enjoy easy listening.

The combination of playing a mobile game application and listening to jazz, is some the best entertainment, bringing together the old traditional easy listening’s of jazz music, while enjoying more new entertainment such as a fun, good quality mobile game application on my mobile device. The experience is quite relaxing and enjoyable at the same time. Exploring new games to play on my mobile device, while exploring new and old jazz tunes has become a new hobby for myself, and others I’m sure if time allows from a busy work and family schedule.  The combination of both entertainments has the potential to bring together generations, like some easy listening fans from the old school who are just getting introduced to mobile game applications, and the younger generations who haven’t really listen to much jazz music, but who enjoy mobile game applications. It’s amazing to see young teens and pre teen developing mobile game applications for mobile application platforms. This new trend is also an opportunity for young pre teens and teens to try listening to jazz instrumental music during their coding and developing times.

On the other hand, older adults could enjoy some easy listening, such as jazz while they play a new game they heard about from a younger relative or co-woker. Having a cup of coffee during a social gathering has been an enjoyment for a variety of people,  picture listening to some jazz in the background, while trying out a new app with friends, having conversations about the mobile game application and enjoying coffee or tea. Good, memorable times exploring with family and friends, who enjoy mobile game applications, jazz ,tea or coffee can help you chill, relax and get your mind off the pressures of everyday life. Jazz has given cultures across the world it’s own lane to express themselves through various language forms. Mobile game applications are very similar in which creators, from all walks of life have been able to express their creativity through animation, logic, and friendly competition. The two similarities in jazz and mobile game applications,combines a fusion that is enjoyable.  With the addition of tea and or coffee, a social gathering full of good vibes or just waiting to happen.  Conversation over jazz in the background , while playing your favorite game on your mobile device can be quite soothing, relaxing, and entertaining.

Combining mobile game apps, jazz, tea, or coffee is a great way to join in socially with individuals from all walks of life who might enjoy the sound of Mobile Game Apps, Jazz, with coffee or Tea. So on a chill relaxing late Saturday or Sunday afternoon, I enjoy a game of chess on my mobile device, jazz, and tea. Perferably!  Our everyday schedules can be filled with a lot of pressure, I encourage those to take some time to enjoy ah little old entertainment mixed with some new entertainment. When life can be ah little to much to handle just ask yourself, or ask the closes family or friend. Hey, Mobile Game Apps, and Jazz, with coffee or Tea. How does that sound?

Originally submitted by Gregory Ballard

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