There are loads of Android application store substitutes around, but not many of them are reliable or even worth visiting. These Google Play Store alternatives listed below not only offer a great marketing platform for your android application, but are free from any type of spyware and malware. To be honest, no one can be completely sure about the app store’s reliability, so it is recommended to read the hosting permissions before marketing your android app and keep a distance from any shady looking app store alternative platform.

You don’t want your app to get restricted to Google Play Store or you are just feeling adventurous, these app stores have you covered. Whatever are your reasons; these alternatives app stores have something for everyone. Ironically, most of the android app store alternatives, offer their application which can be downloaded directly from the Google Play Store.

  • Amazon Appstore


Amazon is a highly regarded company that has been around for years now. The company also offers its App store which surprisingly provides some remarkable applications. For your Android device, if you want to get safe and secure apps, the Amazon app store is the number one choice. There are many apps and surprisingly the variety of apps are almost the same as found on the Google Play Store. Though the Amazon app store also classifies the applications in clean and accessible categories, the app site doesn’t look great. The home page is far too cluttered.

Why Amazon App Store?

This Appstore offers apps that are safe to use. At least check out the store once in a couple of days, as they also offer paid applications for free every second day.

  • Getjar

Getjar gives users plenty of applications to download and enjoy and is known as one of the best alternatives of Google Play store. That’s not all; the store provides the users with free apps while helping app developers to gain more. Getjar is an android app store with a rich history, as for the fact the “Jar” in the Getjar denotes the app base on java. This means the app store is well recognized and offers quality apps. The app store though utilizes its own currency different from Google Play.

Why Getjar Store?

Loyalty is something Getjar values, therefore if you spend few bucks on buying apps from this store; you are bound to get even sweeter user experience.

  • Slide Me


With best interfaces you will come across on Play Store alternatives, Slide Me takes the biggest piece of the cake on ease usability. The app site is designed to ease exploration and also highlights the trending apps at the moment. With heaps of applications to select from, Slide Me is a great alternative if you want to try any app store apart from the Google app store.

Why Slide Me?

Even though there are plenty of awful applications on this app store, it only takes a couple seconds to locate the app you are looking for. The easy to use and sleek store interface makes it best Play Store alternatives.

  • Appszoom

Appszoom offers you amazing apps. Take a tour of the app store home page and you will realize the apps offered – no doubt, are going to make your rest of the day entertaining. The great part about this app store – it offers featured reviews regarding individual applications. For instance, when you are looking at an application you can clearly check why the apps will be great for you in three bullet points. Tags like “colorful graphics” and  “not for kids” help you recognize the \app’s nature you are looking at.

Why Appzoom?

Appzoom because the apps featured are categorized in a very clean and manageable way. You get complete knowledge about the application even before you press the download button saving your valuable time.

  • CNET

CNET is the only app store which in reality tests the applications before posting them. They perform their tests and offer star ratings to almost every app, especially those which mark in a more curated offerings. The chance of downloading a fake or bogus app is least while downloading from this Play Store substitute. The interface is the identical to the one you would have used an innumerable number of times along with the additional advantage of a search bar. Although there are not vast varieties of apps for users to download from, but still it is better than downloading a malware on your device.


CNET security is quite tight. And in some cases even stricter that the Google Play Store.

  • Yandex

All the applications on Yandex are scanned via antivirus before being uploaded for the users to download. This is a good thing as many third parties Google app store alternatives are not anxiety about the security and just want their platform to house more and more apps. The store also allows the user to pay for different apps with three different options and that too with no extra charges.

Why Yandex Store?

With every app, you purchase from the store you get 10% of the total amount back which is stored in your bonus account. Once reached a considerable amount you can use the bounce to purchase other apps.

  • Get5

Get5 brings a bag full of games and apps to your Android device. Just click on the download button and you are all set to go. There are many games on sale at Get5. Definitely the store offers many cookie cutter game applications, but the application does great work to root them out and display only the ones that are trending.

Why Get5?

This app store comes with a dedicated application of its own, which is not only simple to use but also easy to install too. The app also gives detailed suggestions on applications, themes, and games.

  • 1Mobile Market

One of the biggest collections of Android apps and games if any Google app store alternative has it is 1Mobile Market. With roughly 800,000 applications on offer, this store is definitely on the verge to impress everyone. But with a huge number of apps hosted, there are chances of a few bogus ones. Still the strong collection of application will go on to occupy you for a long time.

Why 1Mobile Market?

This store has thousands of great apps and games to offer. It is a great way for swimming in the apps.

  • Install4Install 


Install4install makes it to the list because of its huge collection of indie and established Android applications. The App explorer is one of a kind and let users explore new Android apps everyday using an attractive interface and impressive features such as Genre/Country filter, bookmarking and sharing.

Why Install4Install?

The install4install store brings all the info about an app you will ever need directly on your computer screen or Android phone. For an Android user, this alternate android app store is worth a visit, whether to market your app or just to explore some new apps using a 60 seconds auto explore Option.

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