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App monetization has become one of the most popular ways developers can earn money using the android platform. Every app developer dreams of the day their app will reach the top of the charts and shake up the PlayStore like no other app did. Well, if you have got an amazing game idea, you are probably half way in there because  most of the top grossing apps ruling the app market are all games and having a little knowledge on the success story of these high earning games may help you what makes them special.

Clash of Clans

Tribes, clans, kingdoms, wars, castles and troops are not confined to storybooks and movies anymore. You get to build your own castle or base and protect it as ferociously as any medieval King would have in the highly addictive game of Clash of Clans. There are so many reasons why Clash of Clans is as addictive it is. Gamers are known to keep their CoC app open for more than 16 hours a day. And that means the freemium model used by the makers of clash of clans is making much more than any other paid would ever make. This spectacular app is said to bring in about $5.15 million per day in revenue. Users want to fortify their base and keep watch continuously and hence they keep glued to their touch screens. Such players, of course, wouldn’t mind spending a few dollars for upgrading and these few dollars are actually amounting to millions making Clash of Clans a real winner in the PlayStore.

Candy Crush Saga


Everyone gets a new smart phone and the first app they download is probably the legendary Candy Crush Saga which is loved by people of all ages. Candy Crush also follows a freemium model where the app can be downloaded for free, but the in-app currency and purchases will require payments. A seemingly easy and enjoyable puzzle game where players clear up jellies by matching candies, Candy Crush has its own tricks to keep the players loyal and keep on motivated into playing it. Players motivated by the not so complicated nature of the game. The game also places restrictions on number of lives per day thus tempting players to resort to buying lives or keep playing the game without getting bored for a long time.

 Teen Patti

Developed by a Bangalore based mobile game developer, Moon frogs lab, Teen Patti has been receiving increasing attention and rise in revenues. TechCrunch reported that the profits raked by this game was about $15 million and is claimed by the makers to be the most trending Android game in India. Digitizing the Indian version of poker that is played with 3 cards, Teen Patti allows up to 5 players to have a chance at winning based on their moves and luck with cards. In-app purchases form the major channel of revenue for this game.

Pirate Kings

Pirate Kings is yet another strategic game where players battle with other players from all around the world in exotic background locations. The game is fun, addictive and adventurous as the life of pirates. Like all other games on this list, Pirate Kings also earns from its in-app purchases. It has about 980,000 daily active users and has been growing steadily in the Asian and US app markets. It has its unique gaming world where players get to experience both single player and multiplayer game modes. The game can also be connected with Facebook and hence lets you play or else in gaming terms battle with your social network friends. It also uses some common tactics like free spins for invites sent and several more freebies to keep player motivated.

Zynga Poker

Touted to be the largest poker site in the world, Zynga poker app is inherently a revenue generating app that does its job perfectly. It allows free joining and players can compete with millions of fellow players every day. It offers different varieties of tables and gives out an initial amount of 60,000 free chips on download. If offers several more deals and lucky bonuses that wakes up the gambling spirit of players and naturally, the results have been proving fruitful for Zynga.

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