For every application developer, the first app is a rather special moment. This app could be for a business, product, blog or service. However, app development demands too much investment and efforts to make it happen. Add to that, coding knowledge. All of these put together, making an app is a tedious process. But, what if we told you there is an easier way out of here? There are a number of online places or websites that can help you in the process. With a very small investment, you can now take your business to all the mobile phones across the country.


2258This is the first online place that gives you the chance to develop your first Android app. It is a cloud based platform. The advantage here is that you don’t have to upload or download documents much since it is operated from the cloud. In order to build the UI, there is a visual editor where you can drag and drop the components required. You could either use the plugin catalog from Appery or have it customized according to your choices. The platform comes with a free plan and the range extends up to $180 for Premium membership.

2. Mobile Roadie

Another comfortable platform ideal for the development of Android apps is Mobile Roadie. You can develop your app here and then preview it, just as you would like your users to see it. To add to that, the online website checks the quality of the app for best results. When it comes to the content of the app, you can either add yours individually, or pull it off your blog for best results. The data can be in any format, including ML, JSON, PHP, CSV and HTML. The plans vary between $125 and $667.

3. TheAppBuilder

This is the next available option for building Android apps. Firstly, there is an online toolkit that guides you in the process. Secondly, the app will train you in order to manage your app and include the initial content. You could also work with the TheAppBuilder for the same purpose. The apps here can be protected by usernames and passwords taking help of the app builder’s active directory integration. Also, if there is some modification you are making on your app, it goes live within 60 seconds! And this also allows you to make unlimited changes.

4. Good Barber


Good Barber is the next one in our list of the best online places to create a mobile application. This is ideal for an Android OS. This gives you the chance to have control and customize every single detail of the app without having to code it for yourself. Talking about the designs, there are numerous customizable templates to choose from, with 350 icons and access to over 600 Google fonts. This also comes with a huge advantage of allowing your readers to become contributors by giving you articles for the app. There are also unique push notifications to mark changes in your app. This comes at a reasonable price ranging from $16 to $32 a month.

5. Appy Pie

This is yet another cloud based tool used for creating apps for Android OS and publishing it on Google Play Store. Again, there is no installation required. All you have to do is drag and drop components on the cloud based platform and voila! You have your app! It also gives you the chance to integrate it with the social media, blogs and websites for an enhanced experience. There are free plans available for Apple Pie, but the prices go up to $33 for Platinum.

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