Whether you are a budding newbie or a seasoned veteran of the world of app development, sometimes we all get ourselves in a creative rut with no light at the end of the tunnel. Or maybe you are looking for something you are unable to complete yourself, that’s where online resources come in. If you looking for stock images, bespoke logos or even just a color scheme, here are the best online resources to fill your design needs.  Following are top 5 places to look for your creative resources.

1. Deviant Art ScreenShot032

If you’re looking for some art and design work, Deviant art has a lot to offer. Launched in August 2000, Deviant Art gained quick popularity with artists all over the world ready to show case their art work. Now with thousands and thousands of artists in a vast array of categories, you would be hard pressed not to find an artist who does art work the way you like.

Each artist has a gallery all of their own, making selecting that right person even easier, and if you looking for something simple there are plenty of off the shelf, ready to purchase items already available. In addition to art work, Deviant Art has a whole category of stock images, with thousands offered at royalty free.

2. Fiverr ScreenShot033

Launching in 2010, Fiverr already boasts over 3 million services starting from $5 (£3 approx.). Services, called Gigs, can be ordered straight from the website or app in a simple no fuss manner, with everything from designing logos & icons, to creating music and even help with programming. Every creator on the site as a bio page where they can try and sell their products and services so you can make sure before you order you like what the creator does. Before ordering you can even talk through your ideas and requirements.

Best of all you don’t even have to go looking for a service. Fiverr offers a Gig request service, much like a wanted page where creators can submit their application to your request allowing the offers to come to you.

3. Shutter Stock ScreenShot034

Considered the original and best for stock resources, Shutter Stock boasts over 60 million stock photos, vectors, videos, and music tracks. With price plans covering one off image packs to monthly quotas, everyone should be able to find something to suit their budget.

Whist price plans can be expensive for amateur developers; Shutter Stock prides itself on quality, meaning you won’t ever get less than you paid for.

4. Adobe Color CC ScreenShot030

Struggling to find the right colour scheme for your app, go no further than Color CC by Adobe. Color CC’s only service is creating, saving and browsing color pallets from other users, and that it does superbly. With each pallet containing 5 colors, you can create them using the Color Wheel which contains every usable color known, offering the RGB and HEX code for each.

After signing up to a free account, you can save your color schemes to look at later. In addition, you can browse and search through thousands of user created schemes to help inspire you

5. Fontshop ScreenShot031

Typefaces can be the maker or breaker of good app, great designs can be overshadowed by   unreadable text, so making sure you have the right typeface for the job is important. Fontshop has this covered. From free amateur typefaces to fonts created by some of the biggest names in typography there’s literally a typeface for every occasion.

One of Fontshops strongest features though is their font testing facilities, which there are three options. First is the ‘try it now’ feature, where you can type anything to see what the font looks like there and then. The second option is a live web view, allowing a preview of any font on any website, for free, which works in any browser. Lastly is the Adobe Create Suite plug in, which gives the ability to test fonts directly in the application.

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