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Name used for review

This is name/display name you used while rating/reviewing an App on the Android marketplace/iTunes/Windows marketplace.

Google marketplace comment Itunes comment Windows comment

Store Language

Based on your country and locale, your Android Play store/iTunes store/Windows marketplace will be available in a specific Language. For example: If you live in United States, your iTunes and Playstore language will be 'en' (unless you forecefully changed it). If you live in France, it will be 'fr' and so on.

Why wait for some seconds before installing next App

We want this community to be beautiful, trustworthy and spam free and that all installs/ratings/reviews done are real and legitimate. It takes at-least 30 seconds to install an App, open it once and then rate/review it on App store before getting back to Review Exchange page and clicking ok to get points. If you are doing it quickly, then you are probably doing it wrong. Please genuinely review Apps to expect the same from other developers :).

Why my points were revoked?

We understand your frustration. It is possible that you can see your review on Play store but others cannot see it because it wasn't published (please logout from your Google account and see if your review exists on the Apps you reviewed). One of the following could be the reason for your rating/review not showing up on Playstore/iTunes/Windows store.
- You are rating and reviewing Apps without letting the App finish installation and without opening them once.
- You are using another name for rating/reviewing Apps on Playstore/iTunes/Windows store than the one you have on
- Your Google Playstore language is other than English but you have selected English as your play store language on
- You are rating and reviewing Apps from a virtual machine, which are removed.
- Your email has been flagged as you may be doing too many reviews in a short period of time. We recommend doing not more than 10 ratings/reviews per day and recommend using a new Email address for rating/reviewing Apps in such a case.

I want my revoked points back

If one of the above is your case and you want to get your points back, please go to the Apps for which your points were revoked, uninstall them, re-install them (let the installation finish), open them once, post your honest rating/review again on Playstore/iTunes/Windows store and click Fight back button in your My Revoked points history page.
However, if one of the above is not your case and still your points got revoked, please click the Fight back button in your My Revoked points history page without reinstalling the Apps for which your points were revoked.