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Install4install is a free app promotion, app exploration and app review exchange service connecting developers with other developers and end users. Developers can get free installs, ratings, reviews and testing feedback for their Apps. End users can explore thousands of Apps using our Explore feature accustomed to their taste.

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Join hundreds of fellow developers who are using Install4Install for free mobile apps promotion. We can help you get free installs, ratings and reviews for your Apps, help you in getting new users & boosting your App's revenue.


New Apps everyday

Explore Apps related to your taste. We show you random Apps accustomed to your likings that you can install, rate, review and give an optional testing feedback and accumulate points. We then use your points to get installs, ratings, reviews and testing feedback for your Apps.

Crowdsourced testing

Users from around the world install your App and give you suggestions, comments & error reports. They also rate your App's User interface and functionality. You can use this feedback plus other demographic data (device build, country, language etc.) we provide you to make your Apps even better.

Transparency & control

Users here give honest ratings and reviews to your App. Yet, there may be times when their rating or review can be misappropriate or forged. In such a case, you get the power to revoke their points. And yes, we can ban their membership if their revoked points cross a threshold. Developers take the control!

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I was looking for tools that could help us in instant installs for our app. I found this via google. I used it for 20 mins and it showed instant results. Thanks :)


I've been using another competitors reviews exchange site for a few months when I accidentally stumbled upon WOW it's so fantastic. I have to say CONGRATULATIONS to the developers as this development is the work of a genius and thanks to this. I am certain my scanners app will get the reviews exposure it would never have otherwise received. This is a fantastic reviews community development 100/100.


Great service to get real and genuine comments, installs with easy to use system. I give 10 out of 10 for their prompt and fast service that they are providing to their clients! :)


In a saturated, competitive marketplace such as the iTunes App Store, it is easy for quality apps to get overlooked. With Install4Install, you can give your app(s) the boost it needs to be recognized for it's true potential. I'm looking forward to seeing a case study about the impact i4i has had on smaller scale development studios. :)


I used the services of and i got 3 installs with reviews in the first day without paying anything. They are providing the best marketing services and it will definitely help to boost your App!



We have been there. We know how difficult it is for indie developers to get their Apps some attention. We also know how end users struggle to discover new games and Apps for their phones based on their interests. We are here to connect these two worlds! :)


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